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Neah Kah Nie Water District was formed in 1967 and serves the residential community of 362 homes north of the Manzanita City limits, all within Tillamook County, Oregon.

The District is run by a Board of 5 elected directors (commissioners), CHAIR – Bob Joseph (position 2), SECRETARY – Tom Mock (position 5), MEMBERS – Larry Kiser (position 1), Bill Harshbarger (position 4), and Ric Nichols (position 3) along with part-time staff comprising a General Manager, Richard Felley and a certified System Operator, Doug Chance.

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in the District office. The public is always welcome to attend.

Water sources for the District are from four springs located on NeahKahNie Mountain.

Water line-historic photo

Because this water supply has only state park lands and forest lands above, there are virtually no contaminants detected in our water supply.  For details on water analysis please visit the Oregon Health Authority website at

In 2005-2006, the District underwent significant renovations that included replacement of several miles of aging and outdated water mains (we have over 9 miles total), construction of a new reservoir (concrete tank) on the mountain, refurbishment of an existing tank in the Lower Zone, updating of all four spring beds to comply with current health and engineering standards, and installation of security fencing where needed. All these improvements were paid for by loans from the state of Oregon Business Department (then Oregon Economic and Community Development Department). These loans total just over 2 million dollars with final payments due in 2034. A monthly System Enhancement Fee of $20 is charged on all accounts in order to repay these loans.

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