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SCADA Telemetry System Replaced – After nearly 20 years of non-stop service, the aging telemetry system was replaced entirely with a new system manufactured by Abbey Systems. Before telemetry, the System Operator would drive from site to site to monitor and control tank levels and pumps and valves. With the introduction of telemetry the System Operator could save some time and trips by monitoring tank levels and flow rates by looking at a display panel in the office. With today’s system we have gained yet another level by allowing the Operator to view and control from not only the office, but anywhere he can login through Internet access. Additionally, we relocated the heart of the system out of the tsunami zone so that it has a better chance of remaining operational after an earthquake and tsunami event.

Doug Chance – Alternate System Operator for George Gorsuch, assumed primary water operator duties upon George’s retirement.

George Gorsuch – System Operator for the District since 1998, retired February 2012. George was a part-time employee and did an outstanding job for the District as a certified water operator during his years here. He lived in NeahKahnie Beach and retired when he and his wife decided to move back to the Portland area. Thank you George for 14 years of exemplary service!

Bradley Beach – General Manager retired from the District September of 2009.

Richard Felley – Hired August of 2009 to replace retiring General Manager Bradley Beach.

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