Here is the standard annual guidance for freeze-protecting vacant homes –  1) turn off the water heater,  2) turn off water supply (according to District policy you are supposed to have a main valve for the whole home installed in a convenient location near or in the home). In the absence of a working valve near the home, we provide a valve on the meter on the homeowner’s side. Call if you need assistance locating your meter,  3) disconnect any outside hoses and drain home plumbing system if home is not to be occupied for an extended period,  4) close foundation vents,  5) plan to have someone check the premises during severe weather to check for leaks, freeze up, and wind damage, 6) If concerned that the home may freeze inside due to extended power outage or furnace failure, you can buy RV antifreeze at most hardware stores. Add this solution to the toilet bowls, toilet tanks, sink and shower drains, washing machine drain and any other places you can identify with drain traps. The guidance of a plumber or handyman might be a good idea on this task.